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The SteelTec dealer program will help you succeed in selling high quality water treatment systems with the flexibility that no franchise or brand water program can provide.

Exclusivity! You may earn a SteelTec exclusive dealer region to promote and sell your products without concern for outside SteelTec competition.

Proprietary, Primary and Secondary Consumer Lending are available exclusively for our dealers. Revolving charge, and special optional programs offer very low interest rates and affordable monthly payments.

SteelTec boasts impressive product sales support, including electronic and printed literature, in-home presentation books, posters / banners.


SteelTec water treatment equipment has taken the approach that not one system fits all. We promote high quality lines with a premier exclusive valve, but we understand that dealers need to have the flexibility to flow from high-end offerings all the way down to a no frills model. This type of flexibility is built into the SteelTec line. Unlike many proprietary products that have a very limited lineup or even worse only a high-end, high dollar option, we offer the full spectrum of equipment needs.

316 Solid Stainless Steel mineral tanks with high nickel content.
Exclusive electronic computerized nickel plated brass bodied valves
Mechanical / demand controllers
Timer valves
Filters for all types of problem water applications
Exclusive NSF certified SteelTec RO’s with proprietary, quick-disconnect filters


SteelTec dealers get a comfortable blend of support and freedom. Unlike a restricted franchise product line, our dealers maintain their independent status and freedom. They will serve as an “authorized exclusive dealer” and service center for SteelTec products. We provide you with support however, that far exceeds what the standard independent dealer receives from a typical OEM supplier.

SteelTec offers a complete product line to cover all types of consumer water needs. SteelTec products are positioned to be economical to our dealers while providing plenty of specialty features to the discerning retail consumer. Dealers are given proprietary territories, which means they enjoy an exclusive opportunity to promote and sell the products in their marketing region.

Consumer marketing assistance includes:

SteelTec Presentation Book
Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Consumer Full Color Brochures
Lead Generation Tools and Services
Home Show Display Materials
Posters and display banners

Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty
steeltecwater.com Website

Retail financing packages are available through ISPC to all SteelTec dealers. This is one on the most valuable features of the SteelTec program. We offer both Primary and Secondary lending on a national level to our SteelTec dealers to allow them the tools they need in the home to be successful. Some revolving loan programs offer very low interest rates and very low monthly payment options. Dealers will be more successful with ISPC's financing than any other.


SteelTec dealers are offered the opportunity to attend our incentive vacation each year. These vacations are offered as a perk to our dealers and provide a relaxing and fun environment to help them recharge their batteries. This can also serve as an invaluable time to draw information from other dealers from all around the world. Our four most recent convention destinations have been Breckenridge Colorado, cruise to Jamaica and Grand Cayman, Aruba and Whistler British Columbia Canada. These trips are usually 5 to 7 days in length and include many fun group activities that are all paid for by The LeverEdge, manufacturer of the SteelTec brand.


To become a SteelTec dealer all you have to do is contact one of our national SteelTec representatives directly to discuss your new SteelTec opportunity. Upon completion of this initial contact you will be forwarded a dealer application. Once your application has been submitted and approved, you will be forwarded a welcome packet enabling you to begin your successful adventure as an authorized SteelTec dealer.

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